The Present (2014)

The Present is short film animation that did very well on the festival circuit. It was Jacob Frey's graduation film from the famous Baden-Wurttemberg Film Academy in Germany, and is based on a comic strip by Brazilian artist Fabio Coala Cavalcanti. It tells the story of a boy who is stuck inside playing computer games despite it being a beautiful summer's day. In an effort to get him outside, his mother has bought him a present: a puppy. However, the puppy is missing a leg and the boy is disgusted by it. Will the lovable dog be able to win him over? "The Present" was released by Frey in 2014, and has won nearly 60 awards.
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This short film in less than five minutes a moving story that makes one think. This short movie has received more than 50 awards in 180 film festivals. Its creator, Jacob Frey, is a character animation specialist from Germany. He made the film as part of his thesis for the Banden-Württemberg Film Academy, The film is based on a comic strip made by Brazilian illustrator Fabio Koala, which was published in Mentirinhas, a Brazilian website that shares this type of artwork. It tells the story of a boy who plays video games and, as his mother says, does not go out of the house very much. The boy receives a gift of a dog from his mother. At first, he does not show any interest in it. This animation is titled "The Present" and I personally think that this is an excellent story. The character models are impressive and the textures, especially on the dog, are outstanding. The animation itself is great, the animator follows all the basic principles of animation. Most noticeable is the use of squash and stretch. This can be seen from 1:45-1:47 when the teen kicks a ball that bounces around the room. Based on best practice the creator did great throughout the animation. As I have said the textures, models, and animation are all spectacular. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this animation, it has an interesting story and is definitely high quality.
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4 Minutes
19 Seconds