Kamira (2011)

He is a 12 years old boy, who works in a garbage dump and lives in the slum along with his mother. Both have different ideologies towards life. He is a staunch believer of being positive and has a dream of spreading smiles. But, his mother is a frustrated woman. While working, he finds a digital camera in the dump. His friend tells him that people smile whenever you point it towards them. He soon realises the same and gets all thrilled to spread smiles including his mother. Unfortunately, the camera gets lost and all his dreams get shattered. What happens next is the core of the film. The story revolves around the perception of a small kid who wants to follow his dreams.... kamera, a 2011 short film in Hindi directed by Nijo Jonson, The film was selected as the winner of the National Short film festival of Nagpur in 2011, and has also been the official selection for several international film festivals. - Special Screening- 3rd North Bengal Film Festival 2011 - Official Selection- Jaipur International Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection- International Film Festival of Ahmedabad 2012 - Official Selection- Shaan E Awadh International Film Festival 2011 - Official Selection- The Stepping Stone International Film Festival 2011 - Official Selection- Imphal International Film Festival 2011
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The movie shows the different levels of excitement and also great job with story line and a round of applause to all the characters who worked in this movie. this is a remarkable piece of cinematography, The first look at the protagonist of the film presents a familiar sight, as it is reminiscent of the young and agile street performers who never cease to capture our attention when we stop for a few minutes at traffic lights or amidst the hustle and bustle of local trains. In the course of the film, Arjun finds a camera, while sifting through the junk, which gets him instantly excited. The camera, or “kamera” as he calls it, is not just a toy for him. It gives him renewed hope and confidence, even making him believe that he can make his mother smile through it. However, his happiness is short-lived as his mother sells it away along with the other stuff he has gathered from the dump. The viewers cannot help but feel Arjun’s frustration, distress and helplessness as he desperately tries to look for the camera, and in a moment of utter helplessness, cries at the loss. Soon after, inspired by a white mouse, who he is shown playing with in the opening shot of the film, Arjun gives himself a new direction by turning his hands into a camera, vowing to click pictures with it until he earns enough money to buy a new one. With great difficulty, he takes his first step towards fulfilling his desire, as he finally succeeds in making his mother smile, deeming it to be the most beautiful smile in the world. he end of the film will surely give you goosebumps and move you to tears as it presents snapshots of smiling faces, perhaps concealing similar stories of pain, heartbreak and dreams shattered by circumstances. The film boasts of remarkable performances, well supported by interesting camera angles and a soothing soundtrack that echoes the sentiment of the story and the sensitivity of the subject. Kamera has been produced by Nijo Jonson and Rohit R. Gaba, with story by Nijo Jonson. It's inspiring to chase my dream.
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17 Minutes
5 Seconds