The Fly (2013)

“The Fly” is a short film hilarious and crime comedy written and directed by British filmmaker Olly Williams. This is a story of revenge in just over six minutes ‘The Fly’ star Jack Doolan a getaway driver three minutes to remain ready and focused, waiting outside a bank robbery sitting at the wheel of a getaway car outside the closed doors of a small town bank. He is tense, nervous and chews on a toothpick. That focus is rudely interrupted by an irritating fly that hovers about his vehicle. It hums its god awful rhythm as it flies to a fro. A helicopter flies overhead, a siren in the distance, he checks the surrounding area nervously. As he drums his fingers on the wheel a fly buzzes out of the sky and lands on the windshield right in front of him. He freezes and stops chewing his toothpick. Like a cat on the prowl he carefully lifts his hand and taps the windscreen wipers on and the Fly is gone. The driver grins to himself and settles back into his seat, cracking his knuckles. Suddenly ‘The Fly’ returns to torment the driver, leaving the driver a quivering blubbering nervous wreck. From the locked doors of the bank, we hear the violent sounds of a bank robbery in progress, gunshots are fired...
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The genius of this short film lays in the amount of tension that is built up over such a small period of time.This is another positive product of the great British film industry The plot,though simple in its premise, is perfect for a short film. 4 minutes of truly epic over-reaction and lead actor Jack Doolan who just excels in the physical comedy required by the getaway driver. The budget was so small that the car used was actually owned by the filmmaker Olly Williams himself and he sacrificed it for his project. It was a worthwhile investment as this short story is gaining a lot of attention and rightly so. There is something fascinating about watching this man descend into madness and you will not be able to turn away until you know what happens when those bank doors open and his partners in crime return. A story revenge, ‘The Fly’ was recently awarded Best Comedy, Best Film, and The Roger Deakins Award at Plymouth Film Festival 2015.
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United Kingdom
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6 Minutes
24 Seconds