Anya (2014)

ANYA a five-minute he animated short film charting twenty years in the life of a Russian orphan, is the end result of 14 months, Irish production company Brown Bag Films created the computer animated short “Anya” to help raise funds for the charity,to Russia With Love, an organization in Dublin that provides Russian orphans with healthcare and education. The moving short follows the life of a young girl after arriving at an orphanage via train on a snowy night.The bulk of animation was done at Infinite Studios in Singapore,twice Oscar nominated.
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Anya is a short animated film created by Dublin based production company Brown Bag Films on behalf of the Irish charity ‘To Russia With Love’. The film tells the story of a young girl named Anya as she grows up in a Russian orphanage. The first thing you will notice about Anya is the beautiful animation and The idea was simple; we make an engaging piece of animation. If there is one thing that you can say about Brown Bag Films it is that they have a penchant for creating animated films with distinct and remarkable visual flair. The human character models look great and convey emotion in a realistic fashion, despite their obviously stylised appearance and manage to move about in a convincing fashion. The orphanage in which Anya lives is also rendered in wonderful detail, to the point where it feels like a character unto itself. The film’s musical accompaniment is also something of a treat, bringing additional coldness and warmth to enhance what we see on screen when needed as well as helping the film tell its story with precious little dialogue.
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