Speed Dating (2014)

Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating. But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all.

Cargo (2013)

Cargo is a 2013 Australian short film directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, written by Ramke, and starring Andy Rodoreda as a father who must protect his young daughter (Ruth Venn) during a zombie apocalypse. It was made for the Tropfest short film festival, where it was a finalist. The short film was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2013 and has been seen over 600,000 times in less than one week.

ReMoved (2013)

ReMoved is a short film features a young girl who is separated from her parents as a result of domestic violence in the home. She is separated from her baby brother and is placed in a foster home, and although the home is loving, sometimes the girl’s behaviors reflect anger and pain.

How To Say I Love You

sometime in autumn 2008, i locked myself in my room for a couple of hours and attempted to write a script about how most of my friends only keep in touch with each other over the internet, how people are often kept at arms length. on the surface, ‘how to say i love you’ looks like a sweet story, a “meet cute”, but it’s intended to be more of a statement on how -unfortunately- we often keep people at a distance instead of really connecting with each other.