How To Say I Love You

How To Say I Love You is an English short film.
sometime in autumn 2008, i locked myself in my room for a couple of hours and attempted to write a script about how most of my friends only keep in touch with each other over the internet, how people are often kept at arms length. on the surface, ‘how to say i love you’ looks like a sweet story, a “meet cute”, but it’s intended to be more of a statement on how -unfortunately- we often keep people at a distance instead of really connecting with each other. i just feel like people are so quick to post their phone number, their address and everything about them on the internet, and talk to complete strangers in chat rooms, but if somebody said “hello” to them in the street, they’d probably close up, and think said person was odd. the whole shift in how we prioritize communication just completely baffles me. anyway, one day this was featured on youtube and it all blew up. i’m glad that you guys seem to like it so much. cheers! - hayley scout stuart. (writer, co-director.) Written by Hayley Scout Stuart Directed by Hayley Scout Stuart & Francesca Sophia Music written and performed by Jaymay // (Used with permission.) //
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British Virgin Islands
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7 Minutes
47 Seconds