Gift - Do not be embarrassed by your parents

This Boy Never Saw His Dad As An Inspiration. Until He Found Out His Big Secret A son confronts the resentment towards his father only to realise his true intentions. Director of photography: SEAN NG Prop Master: Junior Fooing Production Manager: Lee Xin Ying Sound Recordists: LT Chan, Derrick Heng Camera Assistants: Melvin Chan, Yap Li Yu Grips: Derrick Heng, Bruce Lim Production Assistants: Tan Yue Xing, Sharon Hoo A production of The Creative Room www.thecreativeroom.net

The Fly (2013)

“The Fly” is a short film hilarious and crime comedy written and directed by British filmmaker Olly Williams. This is a story of revenge in just over six minutes ‘The Fly’ star Jack Doolan a getaway driver three minutes to remain ready and focused, waiting outside a bank robbery sitting at the wheel of a getaway car outside the closed doors of a small town bank. He is tense, nervous and chews on a toothpick. That focus is rudely interrupted by an irritating fly that hovers about his vehicle. It hums its god awful rhythm as it flies to a fro.

Cargo (2013)

Cargo is a 2013 Australian short film directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, written by Ramke, and starring Andy Rodoreda as a father who must protect his young daughter (Ruth Venn) during a zombie apocalypse. It was made for the Tropfest short film festival, where it was a finalist. The short film was a finalist in Tropfest Australia 2013 and has been seen over 600,000 times in less than one week.

Woody (2013)

Woody dreams of playing piano, Ever since he was a child, The problem is that he only has wooden paddles for hands. Stuck in a job he doesn’t want, Woody spends his days dreaming of being a concert pianist. Woody his dreams are big... The film gave us a message we all have that one dream or desire that nags us from deep within. It might not be the most easily achievable dream, but that doesn’t stop the longing. Woody has one of those dreams. He has wanted to be a concert pianist since childhood. But there’s only one problem: Woody is a wooden doll who does not have any fingers.

ReMoved (2013)

ReMoved is a short film features a young girl who is separated from her parents as a result of domestic violence in the home. She is separated from her baby brother and is placed in a foster home, and although the home is loving, sometimes the girl’s behaviors reflect anger and pain.


Helium is a Danish short film written by Christian Gamst Miller-Harris and Anders Walter and directed by Anders Walter, released in 2014. In 2014, he won the Oscar for best short film. short film about a terminally ill boy, staying in the hospital, named Alfred (Pelle Falk Krusbæk). Alfred, who is not particularly enamoured with the prospect of Heaven. and Enzo, a hospital Janitor who befriends him. Enzo helps Alfred on his journey by telling him of the wonderful land of Helium; A place where children go when they’re very sick.